Catch up with VGLNT | Jobber – TinyRobot Online League II: Tekken 8 Champion

Sit down and have a chat with VGLNT | Jobber, a Lili main

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Our previous Tekken 8 Online Tournament on the 30th of May has reached its highest participants yet of 20 plus players. After a gruelling session, one player came out on top and that player is no other than, VGLNT | Jobber.

We had a chance to talk with our recent TinyRobot Online League II Tekken 8 Champion! Join us as Jobber shares his insights and future aspirations in the world of competitive Tekken.

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(To Jobber) Could you tell us a little about your gaming background? How did you get started with Tekken?

Jobber: Always been a gamer since I was young. started with FPS mainly, but it got stale for me. Dabbled in a few fighting games here and there and a friend of mine introduced me to Tekken and I’ve been stuck ever since.

(To Jobber) Why did you choose Lili as your main character in Tekken 8? 

Jobber: Appearances over strength (laughs). Lili looks the most aesthetically pleasing out of the entire cast.

(To Jobber) What has been the most challenging aspect of mastering Lili in Tekken 8?

Jobber: Probably adapting to her new moves. Sometimes I forget she has new stuff.

(To Jobber) How and when did you join Viva La Vigilante (VGLNT)?

Jobber: Kinda just happened. Not much discussion or anything just a random "hey you’re in a team" and I was like err-- okay.

(To Jobber) What has your experience been like with VGLNT so far?

Jobber: It’s been great! Collectively in the team we have 1 braincell and we all share the same braincell.

(To Jobber) How has being part of VGLNT impacted your performance and approach to the game?

Jobber: I’m fortunate enough to be in a team surrounded by good people. Having close friends around makes it easier to ask questions and ask for games.

(To Jobber) Can you walk us through your training regimen? How do you prepare for tournaments and online events?

Jobber: ONE PUNCH MAN TRAINING REGIMENT. 100 PUNISHMENT TRAINING, 100 TIMES COMBO PRACTICE, 100 MINS WARMUP IN QUICK MATCH. In all seriousness, nothing in particular really. Just try to play till I vomit.

(To Jobber) Are there any memorable matches or moments in your Tekken career that stand out to you?


(To Jobber) What are your goals for the future in terms of your Tekken 8 career?

Jobber: Current goal is [to try and] break the international barrier. travel and compete and have a good time!

(To Jobber) Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Tekken community?

Jobber: Be nice to everyone. We’re all in this journey together, take all the opportunity available to get better. Winning and losing is a part of the game, no need to let that detract you. Most important thing is to have fun!

A big thank you to Jobber for sharing his time and insights into Tekken 8. We hope his story inspires you to dive deeper into the world of competitive Tekken. Stay connected with TinyRobot for more exciting updates and stories!

We’ll see you all in the next Tekken 8 Online League! Get Ready for the next battle!