Brook Pocket Auto Catch Light

Brook Pocket Auto Catch Light

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The smallest and lightest Dual-account auto Pokémon catcher

The smallest pocket equipment
The smallest and lightest 2P auto Pokémon catcher! Its 32x32 mm size is slightly larger than a coin and weighs only 10g. Very compact and easy to carry around~

Fully equipped in a compact size. It features "Auto Pokémon catching", "Auto prop collection". It also supports "Dual accounts connection" that connects two accounts in a device! Its "Type-C charging" enables a non stop catching fun with the convenient charging.

In 2023, Auto Catch LIGHT won the Red Dot Design Award, one of the world's most influential design awards. The award represents high recognition for the innovative product design of the Brook brand, as well as acknowledgement of Brook's continuous efforts to enhance the gaming experience for players. Now, grab your Auto Catch LIGHT and let's set off on our journey to become Pokémon Masters together!