More Silent Hill update on May 30?

Konami has announced that on May 30th, they will release game updates on the Silent Hill Transmission series

Vinces L

After eight months of silence, Konami has announced the second installment of Silent Hill Transmission. Silent Hill fans can finally get more information on the long-awaited remake and other previously announced projects.

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What is Silent Hill Transmission?

Silent Hill Transmission is a showcase organized by Konami. Fans will remember the first “showcase” held in October 2022 where they announce and unveil their latest updates anything regarding the Silent Hill franchise.

During the first transmission, Konami revealed a few games. For your recollection, they are;

1.Silent Hill 2 Remake

2.Silent Hill Townfall

3.Silent Hill Ascension

4.Silent Hill F 

What can we expect in the second installment of Silent Hill Transmission?

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Since the last transmission, only Silent Hill: Ascension has been released. Hence, we can expect to get more updates on the remaining three projects: Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill: Townfall, and Silent Hill F.

Fans are eager for news on release dates, gameplay footage, pricing, and other details for these highly anticipated titles. As of now, Konami has yet to reveal specific release dates or pricing information for any of these three games.

The upcoming Silent Hill Transmission on May 30th will provide an exciting new insight and potentially surprise announcements, continuing to build the suspense and excitement around the revival of the Silent Hill franchise. And hopefully answering all our questions.