Capcom Showcase 2022 Coming Soon Next Week

Deep Dives on the Upcoming Capcom Games

Alwyn Phua
June 2022

All-New 3 Tier PlayStation Plus Membership Coming To Malaysia

Players Can Choose From Three Flexible Options

Alwyn Phua
April 2022

Update Your DualSense Wireless Controller without a PS5

Here’s How to Update

Alwyn Phua
April 2022

PlayStation VR2 First Look

Everything We Know About PlayStation VR2 So Far…

Alwyn Phua
February 2022

PlayStation VR2 & PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller Announced

Next Generation of VR Gaming for PlayStation 5

Alwyn Phua
January 2022

PlayStation 5 All New Colourful Console Covers & Dualsense Announced

New Galaxy-Inspired Colour Offerings

Alwyn Phua
December 2021

The Game Award 2021 New Game Announcement

Exciting Games Coming Soon

Alwyn Phua
December 2021

All New PS VR Controller Revealed

First Look At The Upcoming VR Controller for PlayStation 5

Alwyn Phua
March 2021

Got Questions about PS4 Games Playable on PS5?

Senior VP of Sony Interactive Entertainment has Answers for You!

Alwyn Phua
October 2020

It’s Official. PlayStation 5 Is Coming This November

PlayStation 5 US$499 & PlayStation 5 Digital Edition US$399

Alwyn Phua
September 2020

PlayStation 5 Revealed

The Next Generation PlayStation Consoles & Games Are Here

Alwyn Phua
June 2020

PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller Revealed

Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller

Alwyn Phua
April 2020

PlayStation 5 Technical Detail Revealed

Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation 5

Alwyn Phua
March 2020

TinyRobot Staff Picks Of January 2020

Curated Favourite Games Of The Month

Alwyn Phua
January 2020

Death Stranding Review Roundup

Does It Live Up To Elusive Hype?

Alwyn Phua
November 2019

The Outer Worlds Review Roundup

What Do Critics Think About The Game?

Alwyn Phua
October 2019

Code Vein Network Test Will Go Live In May

Closed Network Test Registration Begins Today

Alwyn Phua
May 2019

You Can Change Your PSN ID Now

But There’s A Problem

Alwyn Phua
April 2019

Tekken 7 x SoulCalibur VI Borneo 2018 Highlights

Battle Of The Best

Alwyn Phua
January 2019

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