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TinyRobot is all about the latest gaming content for gamers. So, we set up The Lab where we assign robots to gather & analyze contemporary gaming culture & lifestyle to deliver comprehensive gaming contents such as news & in-depth product reviews.


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Bandai Namco Prep New Games For 2018

20/01/2018 05:09:48   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, playstation, 4, game, online, bandai, namco, 2018, gundam
Bandai Namco Entertainment released press detail on 3 upcoming games this 2018

Quirky Nintendo Labo DIY Kits For Nintendo Switch

18/01/2018 02:12:01   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, nintendo, switch, labo, games, accessories
Nintendo is best known to make interesting devices that doesn’t conform to the gaming norm all in the name of fun.

Upcoming Anime Games In 2018

28/12/2017 03:35:09   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, playstation, 4, nintendo, switch, games, anime
2018 is the year where the biggest anime franchises take centre stage in the world gaming

The Game Awards 2017 Recap

08/12/2017 04:44:48   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, the game awards, 2017, 2017 winners, games
The Game Awards 2017 have wrapped up & we witnessed awards presented to some of best games of 2017.

Nintendo Is Releasing Wii Games For NVidia Shield…In China

05/12/2017 05:23:07   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, nintendo, nvidia, shield, china, news
Nintendo is bringing back classic Wii games, but not in a way we expected. Nintendo, NVidia & iQiyi are collaborating together to bring Nintendo games

Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters Mega Gallery

01/12/2017 07:29:22   In News  

Paris Game Week 2017 PlayStation VR Round-up

31/10/2017 02:37:31   In News  

More Star Wars Battlefront 2 Freebies

30/10/2017 09:08:22   In News  

Exclusive Gaming T-Shirts Up For Grabs

27/10/2017 08:57:53   In News  

TinyRobot's Halloween PlayStation 4 Promotion

26/10/2017 03:44:16   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd
Quench your thirst for horror with TinyRobot's Halloween PlayStation 4 Promotion for just 2 days only this weekend 28th & 29th October 2017

Taiko No Tatsujin Drum Session! In Dual Language

24/10/2017 07:52:29   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, playstation, 4, videogame, video game store, taiko no tatsujin, ps4, controller
Taiko No Tatsujin Drum Session! will be available in dual language (English & Chinese language

Rare Shiny Silvally Pokemon Will Be Up For Grabs

19/10/2017 08:54:13   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd
You'll be able to own a rare Pokemon, Shiny Silvally when you pre-order Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Gaming Oddities: The Sega 32X

18/10/2017 02:53:36   In Feature Article  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, sega, genesis, 32x, games, retro
The Sega 32X. It began as a great concept, a great potential that would elevate Sega as a dominant force in the console market.

The World Is An Egg

07/08/2017 10:12:39   In Game Reviews  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, egglia, legend of the red cap, mobile game, reviews, legend of mana
Egglia: Legend Of The Redcap Review

SNES Classic Edition Coming This Holiday

28/06/2017 03:24:50   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, snes, classic, mini, super nintendo, nintendo
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Edition is real guys.

E3 2017 Recap

14/06/2017 01:44:14   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, e3, 2017, nintendo, switch, playstation, 4, vr
he biggest gaming event in the calendar, E3 2017, has started with many gaming industry giants showing off their latest exciting games that are coming