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TinyRobot is all about the latest gaming content for gamers. So, we set up The Lab where we assign robots to gather & analyze contemporary gaming culture & lifestyle to deliver comprehensive gaming contents such as news & in-depth product reviews.


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PlayStation 5 Technical Detail Revealed

19/03/2020 02:17:42   In News  

Nioh 2 Review Round-Up

11/03/2020 01:53:47   In Game Reviews  

TinyRobot Staff Picks Of January 2020

06/01/2020 08:03:24   In News  

Death Stranding Review Roundup

06/11/2019 01:20:07   In News  

The Outer Worlds Review Roundup

24/10/2019 08:44:25   In News  

Code Vein Network Test Will Go Live In May

09/05/2019 08:38:22   In News  

You Can Change Your PSN ID Now

11/04/2019 04:59:40   In News  
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You Can Change Your PSN ID Now

Tekken 7 x SoulCalibur VI Borneo 2018 Highlights

16/01/2019 03:55:45   In News  
tinyrobot, tekken, 7, soulcalibur, vi, playstation, 4, malaysia
It was an intense battle between the best players in the region with not only local participants, we have international participants joined as well

Pre-TGS 2018 Trailers Round Up

14/09/2018 04:46:24   In News  

Spider-Man Review Round Up

05/09/2018 04:16:53   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, spider-man, ps4, games, playstation
Does it live up to our expectation or will it wither away just like all other Spider-man games?

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Review Round Up

29/08/2018 03:30:01   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, dragon quest, xi, playstation, malaysia, ps4, games

Here’s The Juicy Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage You’ve Been Craving For

28/08/2018 02:26:45   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, cyberpunk 2077, gameplay, games, cd projekt red, gamescom 2018
48 Minutes Feast For Your Eyes

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Is Coming Next Year Early 2019, Finally

21/08/2018 09:16:23   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, ace combat, 7, gamescom, 2018, playstation
Bandai Namco Entertainment made an official announcement at Gamescom 2018 that Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will be coming to consoles on 18th January

Black Clover: Quartet Knights Open Beta Starting Next Week

10/08/2018 09:41:34   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, open beta, games, black clover, quartet knights, beta, playstation, 4, store
Black Clover: Quartet Knights Open Beta is coming next week & you might want to take this opportunity to take this game for a test drive.

PlayStation To Reveal Games Early Ahead Of E3 2018

06/06/2018 07:48:51   In News  
tinyrobot sdn bhd, playstation, 4, e3, 2018, announcement
ony announced on their official PlayStation.Blog page that starting on 6th June 2018 at 8:00am Pacific Time